Top 5 Paver Pool Deck Design Tips

Pool decks made of pavers are very inviting and beautiful. Consider these 5 points before you start the project.

A pool deck, as any other outside living area will become more inviting if you add a little creativity to the design before building it out.  This is a part of the project that should never be rushed because “its now” that you have the privilege of fine tuning every detail that will make the finished product a masterpiece for relaxation and enjoyment.  Here are a few thoughts to consider as you proceed.

  • View the pool from every point of view picturing in your mind how it would look, when considering any feature.
  • What type of added feature would compliment the area to make it more relaxing?  This could be a tree, plant bed, a water fall, fire pit or a low, sitting wall, columns or a raised elevation area with steps and or walls.
  • If you are just now creating the parameters, you should try softening the outer edge and corners with curves as it would fit with within the over all plan.
  • Concrete brick pavers are most commonly used for the deck finish.  This brings you to the selection of the texture of finish on the paver.  Here you have many choices.  Our website provides great information but I suggest a visit to the showroom to actually see and walk the real samples.  Then thecolor is to be decided.  We provide a wide selection of colors in solid and multi-color blends but the key is to make sure the color compliments the surrounding areas and adds a bit o class.  Now you look for the paver style that best fits the project.  Small to large or single units to 2 or 3 piece combinations.  Again, make it fit the project and you will be proud.
  • Another great choice for the deck is travertine. It comes in a choice of four colors and different patterns to create a beautiful finish.

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