Whether it’s a necessity of your home lot or a landscaping choice, a well-designed and constructed wall can become the focal point of your home’s visual appeal. Walls can be designed to complement the overall look and feel of your yard while also being fully functional and safely constructed to offer protection from the elements or eroding soil. A good base and solid engineering can ensure the durability of your wall.

Walls can be used for:

  • Privacy
  • Retaining
  • Landscape Definition
  • Design and Décor


We all value our privacy but sometimes achieving that privacy comes at the cost of curb appeal and design. A well-constructed and designed wall can give you the privacy that you seek without sacrificing the aesthetics of your landscaping. They can be built along a road way to protect you from traffic noise and passersby or as separation to provide some solitude from neighborhood eyes and ears.


Home lots located on a hill or at the base of a hill will require a retaining wall for safety of the home and yard. The materials, design, and construction of a retaining wall all contribute to the wall’s longevity. A wall built with quality solid materials protects your lot from soil erosion. A retaining wall gives you more useable land on your plot; for example, it can make room for the garden, pool, fire pit, or seating area that you’ve always wanted.

Landscape Definition

A wall is a large feature that can be used to create definition in your landscaping. Walls can be used to create different levels around your home adding visual appeal and variety. Walls can also create separation between features in your yard. For example, a garden set atop a retaining wall, or a patio set at the base gives definition and purpose to a space that otherwise may not be utilized.

Design and Décor

A retaining wall also becomes an important aspect of landscape design. Chosen materials should, first of all, be appropriate for your type of soil and landscape but secondly can increase character and overall curb appeal. Additionally, a wall can become an architectural feature that adds to the beauty and value of your home.

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