Advantages of a Paver Driveway

Explore the 6 top reasons why you should choose pavers over concrete.

When you consider pavers for the driveway over concrete, you will find many advantages. Let’s take a look at the ones that are significant. Keep in mind that if you are removing the old concrete driveway, the costs would be the same so we will not consider that expense in this comparison. However, that this is an expense that must be considered when replacing the existing one. A rule of thumb cost to remove and dispose of the concrete is around one dollar per square foot depending on the size of the job.

Eye Appeal

Without question, you will feel a pride and satisfaction with the new look.

Resale Value

In most cases you will see higher selling bottom line even if the appraiser does not value it higher, because of the eye appeal the buyer is more likely to come to agreement at a higher negotiated value.

No Cracks

The inner-locking feature of concrete pavers with joint sand and compacted aggregate bed, allows for movements caused by changes in temperature or tire pressure automobile traffic.


When underground utility repairs are necessary or when growth of tree roots present a problem, the pavers in the problem area can be simply removed and reinstalled using the same pavers, eliminating color tone changes.


Driveways are normally poured with 3,000psi concrete while concrete pavers minimum standards strength is 8,000psi.


Consider a bad oil spill or some other unusual damage to the driveway. The pavers can be cleaned with detergent and flushed with hot water, but when its severe enough that cleaning does not get the job done, the pavers can be removed and replaced with little effort.

The selection is great for color, style and texture allowing you to fulfill you own imagination and we are available to assist you. Please contact us for assistance.

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