About Us

First Coast Pavers has been a leader for Premier Hardscape Design and Construction projects in Northeast Florida since 2007. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when you choose First Coast Pavers to design and construct your Hardscape Project.

  • Tremron Pavers and Wall Stones are our product of choice for these projects due to the product quality and local production, which helps to hold costs down.
  • Professional design is provided free of charge for creation of unique projects.
  • Project coordination is provided professionally from the local office.
  • On site management is provided for all projects for best quality assurance.
  • You will find our First Coast Pavers Staff courteous, knowledgeable and helpful as your project is planned and completed.
  • While Driveways and Large Backyard Projects are our specialty, our Driveway Renovation team can make your driveway look just like new.

Questions? We can help! Call or text us at (904) 299-5752, or click below.

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