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5 Factors That Influence The Cost To Install A New Patio

Creating an outdoor living space with a new patio can transform your backyard and give you a peaceful oasis right at home. But such hardscape design in Jacksonville doesn’t come free.

Several key factors determine what you’ll end up paying to have a new patio professionally installed.

Factor 1 – Materials

The building materials chosen for your patio surface and borders have a significant impact on the total project price tag. Concrete is the most affordable option, with basic poured slab concrete costing $5-10 per square foot installed.

Concrete pavers offer more style and start around $10-15. Brick pavers and natural stone raise costs to $15-30 per square foot but provide greater aesthetic quality. More premium materials like porcelain tile and certain natural stones can range from $30-100 per square foot installed.

Factor 2 – Paver or Slab Size

Larger slab sizes generally equate to higher per-square-foot costs compared to small modular pavers. For example, 12×24 inch rectangle pavers cost more in materials and labor than basic 4×8 inch brick pavers. However, smaller units require more intensive installation work to lay a higher number of pieces individually. Weigh the pros and cons of these two factors when selecting patio materials.

Factor 3 – Site Preparation

Installing the paved surface itself is only part of the equation. Proper site preparation is crucial for a long-lasting patio but adds to the project costs. Excavation to remove topsoil, grading the area, installing drainage systems, soil compaction, and laying a gravel base as the subsurface foundation requires heavy equipment and skilled labor. Neglecting this important site prep work will likely lead to problems down the road.

Factor 4 – Shape and Layout

Simple patio shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles are the most economical in terms of pavement in Jacksonville FL. Once you move into curved lines, diagonals, borders, and ornate shapes, the complexity goes up.

Cutting custom pavers or concrete slabs to fit intricate designs takes more time, effort, and materials. Create visual interest through borders and decorative accents in just a few areas rather than the entire space to save on costs.

Factor 5 – Drainage, Lighting, and More

Most patio projects also involve complementary elements beyond just the pavement foundation. Incorporating proper drainage, landscape lighting, water features, storage, or built-in seating enhances the space but adds expenses.

Electrical work, permits, stormwater management, irrigation, and outdoor kitchens can also drive up costs quickly. Focus on the essentials first, depending on your budget.

To Wrap Up:

The major factors that dictate what you’ll pay for a new patio installation include the materials, size, site preparation, layout complexity, and any patio accessories or upgrades. Understanding these cost variables helps you set realistic expectations and budget accurately for this significant hardscape investment.

Be sure to connect with experts like First Coast Pavers to transform your vision into reality. You can build your dream patio with careful planning and smart design choices!

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